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Eve Online players receive 50,000 skill points after server downtime

CCP has given Eve Online players 50,000 unallocated skill points following the company taking Eve Online and Dust 514 servers offline for two days over the weekend due to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, according to an update on the Eve Online website.

"Last weekend EVE experienced its longest downtime in quite a while and as a result CCP has decided to give everyone 50,000 unallocated skill points," the update states. "The cause of the downtime was a malicious attack on our servers but nevertheless we want to make sure that all our players walk away with uninterrepted skill training plans."

The skill points were allocated to all active accounts today during the roll-out of Eve Online's Odyssey expansion; however, trial accounts will not receive skill points. CCP notes that it is the second time in the last two weeks that skill points were allocated to players due to technical issues, so some players may have 100,000 unallocated skill points in total as a result .

The Odyssey expansion was first revealed at PAX East and introduces a new scanner system called Sensor Overlay, new metrics for spaceships and new Navy Battlecruisers. More locations and loot are also included in Odyssey.

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