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MechWarrior Online trailer introduces 65-ton JagerMech, Firebrand JM6-FB

Piranha Games released a new trailer for MechWarrior Online that shows off the game's new 65-ton Mech, the Firebrand JM6-FB, available in the game's latest update.

With its combination of dual PPCs and dual AC/2s, the Firebrand's optimal performance is in open area combat. The Mech also sports two Medium Pulse Lasers as backup weapons.

A new "Sherman" Mech camo pattern, styled from the World War II American tank, is now available in the Mech Lab. The content update also introduces four trial Mechs for players to test out for free: Spider SDR-5D, Hunchback HBK-4P, Cataphract CTF-4X and Atlas AS7-RS

The recent update included tweaks to the game's gameplay, user interface, performance and weapons, along with general bug fixes. For instance, cross-hairs will now shake when jump jets are activated and users are now able to take screenshots using the "PrtSc" button. The details can be viewed in full on the game's official forums.

MechWarrior Online added an 85-ton stalker Mech, Misery, last month and introduced its first Champion mech in April. For more information about the game, read our interview with Piranha Games president and cofounder Russ Bullock.

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