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The Last of Us multiplayer offers two Clan survival methods with Survivors and Supply Raid

More details about Naughty Dog's The Last of Us' multiplayer, listed on the PlayStation Blog, reveals more about the game's Survivors and Supply Raid modes.

At the beginning of the game's multiplayer, dubbed Factions, players have to pick to either fight for the Hunters or the Fireflies. Gamers are then tasked with keeping a small clan of survivors alive and ultimately build upon.

Players can choose to do this in two ways. With a team of 20 reinforcements, Supply Raid entails scavenging the area whilst keeping the core team alive. Once players have depleted their reinforcements quota the game will enter sudden death.

The second is Survivors mode, where there are no respawns and players must wait until the next round if eliminated. Matches last seven rounds with the first team to win four rounds wins.

The Last of Us' multiplayer offers various gameplay elements. For instance, players can take the stealth route by using the Listen Mode to locate and flank enemies and then knock them off with silenced weapons. Injured teammates can crawl to allies to be revived and melee combat will give players an option to perform an execution move once an enemy is downed.

Earlier today, a YouTube video posted by GamesHQMedia demonstrated The Last of Us' Factions and the ability to craft weapons, ammunition and supplies. As highlighted in the video, gamers will also deal with scenarios, such as a marauder attack, an outbreak of dysentery and hostage rescue missions.

Yesterday, leaked multiplayer gameplay showed off a firefight between the remaining survivors of the game's fungal plague. The day before that, alleged multiplayer details leaked online, listing the clan-based survival mode and hinting at an NPC training mechanic.

The Last of Us will release on the PlayStation 3 on June 14, 2013 and will also be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store on launch day. Its $19.99 season pass includes three DLC packs, two of which will contain multiplayer content.

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