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Japan Review Check: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Not a massive amount of eye-catching games due out in Japan this coming week, but there's at least one Nintendo 3DS must-have, according to the review editors at Famitsu magazine:

- Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (9/8/8/8, 33 out of 40 points): "It may just be a port of the Wii version," began editor Reona Ebihara, "but the 3D-oriented course setups work great with the hardware and make for a really engaging action experience. The game's on the tough side overall, but thanks to the New Mode which gives you more hearts and helper items, a wider swath of gamer can enjoy this, I think. The new courses are also good."

All of the reviewers praised the Wii port for being a surprisingly decent fit on the 3DS hardware. "There a lot of tricks and visual treats that take advantage of the 3D," Urara Honma reported. "The stages are set up to be constantly novel and ensuring that you never get bored. It's a hard game, but that level of addiction that makes you say 'One more time' is really high."

"If you're an action game fan, I'd say you need to check it out," Ebihara closed. "In particuar, I'd advise you to check out the movies, which are without dialogue and work really well nonetheless."

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