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Tomb Raider DLC bundled into packs, Tomb of the Lost Adventurer now available in NA

Crystal Dynamics is bundling all downloadable content released for Tomb Raider into three neat single-player and multiplayer-specific packs, according to a post on the official Tomb Raider Tumblr.

The Online Survival Pack adds six weapons from action-adventure stealth game Hitman: Absolution and four playable characters to Tomb Raider's multiplayer arsenal, and costs $6.99 (560 Microsoft Points). Characters include the Scavenger Scout, Scavenger Executioner, Scavenger Bandit and Fisherman, and weapons include a Silverballer, Agency SPS 12, HX AP-15, JAGD P22G, M590 12ga and STG 58 Eline.

The Tomb Raider Adventure Pack features upgrades and accoutrements for Lara for use in single-player, and also costs $6.99 (560 Microsoft Points). Buyers can snag the Pistol Burst and Pistol Silencer upgrades as well as the skills Animal Instinct, Agility and Headshot Reticle. The pack also includes three costumes for Lara: the Hunter, Aviatrix and Guerilla skins.

Crystal Dynamics is also bundling together all multiplayer maps for Steam players. For $9.99, players can add the following maps to the Windows PC version of Tomb Raider:

  • Shanty Town, a rundown area full of steep cliffs and traps
  • Scavenger Caverns, a subterranean network of caves used as a prison by the island's inhabitants
  • Cliff Shantytown, another rundown area built into a cliff face
  • The Burning Village, an abandoned Japanese village ablaze
  • Dogfight, a brick and mortar bunker used during World War II
  • Forest Meadow, an outside area with many wide open spaces
  • Lost Fleet, a beached ship
  • Himiko's Cradle, a shrine atop a mountain

"The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer" add-on mission, previously only available in Europe, is also now available in North America for all versions of Tomb Raider. The mission sends Lara to the final resting place of another explorer, where she must solve puzzles surrounding a crashed plane. The pack is available for $2.99 (240 Microsoft Points).

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