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Dota 2 patch makes many balance tweaks, may add native offline support

The latest patch for Valve's massive online battle arena Dota 2 brings with it a score of balance changes and tweaks to champions, and may also add native offline support for the game client, according to posts on Steam and Reddit.

In addition to a few bug fixes correcting some incorrect attack properties and Ownage sounds not playing for certain kills, the patch brings a lengthly list of changes made to various heros' damage-dealing, skills sets, HP and MP costs and strength boosts. Tweaks have also been made to several dozen attacks, including damage increases and decreases as well changes in cooldown time.

Reddit user "vtor67" also posted on Reddit's r/Dota2 forums a screenshot of the game's test client running without a connection to the Steam servers. The user writes that this allowed him to "practice offline with bots, do quests, and do anything that wouldn't require a connection to the steam servers," suggesting offline support may have been added with patch. Currently, when Dota 2 players lose their internet connection, they are unable perform any actions outside of console commands.

The patch notes do not mention offline support, and Polygon has reached out to Valve for more information. We'll share details as we have them.