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Square Enix to detail 'the future of Final Fantasy' at pre-E3 Q&A

Square Enix will hold a Q&A session with senior vice president Shinji Hashimoto on Tuesday to detail "the future of Final Fantasy," according to an invitation to the event Polygon received today.

The event will take place from 12-1 p.m. ET next Tuesday, June 11. Square Enix didn't offer specifics about the Q&A. However, during the PlayStation Meeting in which Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 in February, Hashimoto announced that the developer is working on a new Final Fantasy for the next-gen console and implied that the game would show up at E3.

Square Enix announced last month that it will also stream from the E3 show floor with a livestream called "Square Enix Presents," where it will broadcast games and personalities from E3.

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