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Metro: Last Light's 'Mobius' trailer was made by a single artist

A post-release trailer for 4A Games' post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Last Light was the hard work of a single production artist working on the game.

Alexander "Monakh" Bereznyak, originally hired by 4A Games as a capture artist, worked on Last Light as the lead technical artist for the game's production team. All the while throughout the development, though, he was working on a promotional trailer for the game on the side.

Titled "Mobius," the trailer is a snapshot glimpse of a single moment in a raging battle as mutated monstrosities flood the tunnels of the metro quarters where survivors eke out a day-to-day existence.

In our official Polygon review, we found Metro: Last Light a rewarding experience that made it worth putting up with some nagging technical issues.

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