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Games for Health Conference keynotes to feature Zombies, Run! and Oculus Rift developers

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey and Zombies, Run! developer Six to Start will deliver keynote speeches on Thursday, June 27, for the ninth annual Games for Health Conference.

The conference is a three-day examination of the role of video games in health and healthcare. Approximately 400 to 500 game developers, health professionals, researchers and more gather for talks and demos. Luckey will discuss the "intersection of body, mind and virtual reality" and how Oculus Rift virtual reality technology can offer health benefits. Members of the Six to Start team, including lead writer and novelist Naomi Alderman, will share their experiences creating immersive mobile game Zombies, Run! The game is exercise-driven; as players run, they listen to audio narrations and virtually collect supplies.

The conference will also include sessions on games for autism, "exergaming," exercise-based gaming, using games to explore biology and health and much more.

Games for Health will take place June 26 through June 28 in Boston. Registration for the event is open now.

Video games and health are becoming a more and more common intersection. Researchers have already found ways to use the Kinect to help stroke victims, improve visual conditions and more.