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Rift's Empyreal Assault update will bring bosses, Dendrome, quests and more

Rift's upcoming 2.3 update, Empyreal Assault, will bring more in-game items, new bosses, a new area called Dendrome and more to developer Trion Worlds' massively multiplayer online role-playing game, according to the game's official website.

Trion Worlds announced last month that Rift will go free-to-play June 12, and Empyreal Assault will bring that fundamental change to the game. Other additions include new purchasable items, including mounts, weapon and wardrobe slots, open-world raids and bosses scattered across Dendrome, a new area that contains "lush jungles and windswept dunes." Empyreal Assault will also include weekly quests, a new Chronicle, a quest that takes players through an alternate timeline and new Strongholds "tuned for 10-70+ players."

Earlier this year, Trion Worlds released Defiance, a cross-platform MMO. In early May, Hellbugs from Defiance invaded Rift in a crossover event.

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