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Ska Studios 'Georgelucasing' The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile for PC, new brawler coming this summer

Ska Studios plans to release its Xbox 360-exclusive side-scrolling beat-em-up The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile for Windows PC as an enhanced Director's Cut, lead designer James Silva revealed on the studio's blog.

The announcement follows shortly after the news that Russian hacker "Barabus" created an unauthorized Windows PC version of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile and released it last week.

"Porting Vampire Smile to PC as an enhanced Director's Cut has been something I've been wanting to do since launch (I was calling it Georgelucasing until Michelle made me stop)," Silva wrote. "And we had actually broached the subject with Microsoft last Friday, almost a week before this happened. Nothing's set in stone, but we got the go ahead to make a pre-announcement: we'll be working with Microsoft to bring our stuff to PC."

Silva believes that Barabus is "not a bad guy" and the hacker "didn't intend to come across the way he came across," he wrote. "I really am honestly flattered that he took the time and effort to reverse engineer Vampire Smile for PC. I heart your enthusiasm, Barabus! (just stop calling it justice, please!)."

Ska Studios also revealed that its new title, a role-playing brawler hybrid called Charlie Murder, will launch on Xbox 360 this summer. Gamers take on the role of a has-been punk rock band known as Charlie Murder and fight death metal band Gore Quaffer and "their army of the damned." According to Ska Studios, the game is inspired by coin-op beat ‘em ups and dungeon crawlers. Watch the launch trailer below to see the brawler in action.

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