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Disney Infinity's The Lone Ranger set draws influences from the Wild West

Disney Infinity's The Lone Ranger play set will be based on the movie of the same name starring Johnny Depp, and its game design will be influenced by themes from the movie.

During a demo of the game shown to Polygon, Avalanche Software's vice president and general manager John Blackburn said that each of the play sets designed for Disney Infinity will have their own unique mechanics, their own worlds, an original Disney story and new objects for players to bring into the Toy Box.

In the case of The Lone Ranger, which is based on the upcoming American action adventure western comedy directed by Gore Verbinski, the game will be set in Colby, Texas, during the building of the transcontinental rail road. The game's story will be completely original, but from a gameplay perspective, it uses all the same locations as the film and draws on the influences of the Old West. Unique to the Lone Ranger play set is wall running and climbing, horse play (players will be able to use different horses to get around the environment quickly) and the ability to build your own tracks and ride trains. "The world is your shooting gallery," Blackburn said.

Blackburn also said that any of the Disney Infinity play sets could be sold as a standalone game in terms of how much content the developers have created.

"Each of them has unique gameplay elements, so for the Monsters University play set, it's all about scaring and pranking, because that's what the film is about. There are three different playable characters in there, it's got all the different missions from Monsters University and you've got four big environments.

"So for a hardcore game tester, it would take them about four hours to go through everything in a play set. For most people, it would taken them between 6-10 hours."

Disney and Avalanche are expected to reveal more about Disney Infinity's The Lone Ranger play set this E3.

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