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Minecraft - Pocket Edition updated with Minecraft Realms Alpha and cake

Today's update for Minecraft - Pocket Edition, the mobile version of Mojang's hit game, features new in-game items and Minecraft Realms Alpha support.

Minecraft Realms Alpha will allow a user to play Minecraft - Pocket Edition online with up to nine of their friends at a time. Once the full version of Realms is released, it will eventually be an "optional, paid service."

Minecraft - Pocket Edition update 0.7.0 also introduces in-game items such as buckets, fire, smooth lighting, spawn eggs, egg, milk and cake. It also includes chat capabilities, new menus and "connecting players inventory is now saved on server."

Minecraft Pocket - Edition was released in 2011 for mobile devices. It is available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play for $6.99. Free demo versions are also available from both stores.

For more about Minecraft Realms, be sure to read out interview Carl Manneh, CEO and co-founder of Mojang, where he discusses how the service will make Minecraft even more social, inviting and more accessible for players to play online together .

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