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Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer features three modes and six maps

The multiplayer for Killzone: Mercenary on PlayStation Vita will support up to eight players, feature three different game modes and consist of six maps "featuring key events from the Killzone universe," according to the game's official website.

The three game types consist of Mercenary Warfare, a free-for-all mode where players must earn as much Vektan Dollars as they can in the set time limit. Guerrilla Warfare is a team-based deathmatch with two factions, the ISA and Helghast factions. Warzone features the two factions as they go head-to-head in five different missions.

Multiplayer maps include Zenith, which caters to all play-styles and features a Dynamic Arc Cannon that fires periodically during matches. Marketplace is a multi-tiered map that fosters vertical gameplay. Shoreline features a natural cave system and treacherous cliff paths. Refinery sports zip lines and an open courtyard for long-range fire fights. Skyline is set within a damaged skyscraper and players can create routes "by smashing the floor to ceiling office windows." Inlet is primed for snipers, ambushes and setting traps with its open areas and winding paths.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Sony is offering exclusive first wave beta access to Killzone: Mercenary via the PlayStation Home E3 2013 Virtual Booth.

Killzone: Mercenary will be released Sept. 10 on PlayStation Vita in North America, one week ahead of its original release date. Be sure to watch this short trailer showcasing the game's combat and "(literal) below-the-belt targets" and our hands-on with the game's single player campaign.

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