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Valve unveiling Dota 2 documentary throughout June

Dota 2 developer Valve is unveiling its upcoming eSports documentary Free to Play for the first time starting June 11, according to an email sent by the company to various users as reported by Kotaku.

The company is inviting gamers currently part of its official playtester list to travel to the Bellevue offices to view the two hour-long in-production film. Valve marketing head Doug Lombardi later confirmed to Kotaku that the company is "Beta testing the documentary on The International."

The International is the annual Seattle-based Dota 2 tournament in which players from across the globe compete for a cash prize. This isn't the first short documentary about The International that Valve has produced, however: the studio released a short film about the tournament last November. But despite the shared subject matter, Lombardi explains, the upcoming documentary is very different.

"That was a recap of last year's event. The documentary is a different thing, and really looks more at the gamers than one specific tourney."

Free to Play will follow five professional gamers from across the world.

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