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Konami outlines the core technology behind PES 2014's new engine

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014's new technology, which was revealed to be powered by Konami's Fox Engine earlier this year, was further outlined in today's Konami Pre-E3 press conference.

The TrueBall system, which was discussed briefly when the game's Fox Engine incorporation was revealed, is one of the major physics upgrades the series is undergoing. Using TrueBall, players will be able to move the ball "in any direction," giving them greater control when getting the ball across the field on the ground or in the air. Another physics upgrade is the Motion Animation Stability System (or MASS), which controls players' collision animations. This technology will add more realism, and make every attack and defense a more dynamic event, helping PES 2014 feel "just like the real thing."

Another new piece of tech is something called Heart, which imbues each player with morale and motivation levels. These are influenced by a number of elements, not the least of which being whether your team is playing away or at home. Depending on Heart, a player's attributes might suffer or spike, adding another dynamic effect to the game.

"This time, we've changed direction and focused on the total package, including user experience, player controls and more," Kei Masuda, creative producer at PES Productions, said during the presentation. "We are planning many more features. We will announce these updates in the near feature. Stay tuned."

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