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Portal 2 In Motion gets free co-op campaign designed for Move controller

Portal 2 In Motion, the expanded PS3 version of Valve's puzzler created by Sixense to utilize the PlayStation Move controller, has been further expanded with a new, free co-op campaign today, the company announced on PlayStation Blog.

The co-op expansion, titled Non-Emotional Manipulation, will automatically download for anyone who's purchased the In Motion expansion to the original PS3 game. Much like the single-player content said DLC added, Non-Emotional Manipulation will feature unique motion controls designed specifically for PlayStation Move, allowing test subjects to pull off maneuvers like cube scaling and "Portal Surfing."

Check out the trailer above to see the new co-op campaign in action. If you don't own Portal 2 or its In Motion DLC, you can purchase both on the PlayStation Store for 20 percent off for a limited time, or 60 percent off for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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