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Australian League of Legends servers rolling out this year

Riot Games intend to open Australian League of Legends servers before the conclusion of 2013, according to a post on the game's official forums by Oceania manager Mirko Gozzo.

Responding to a question by forum user "BoozBear" asking if the servers will be up in Australia before the end of the year, Gozzo replied with, "For sure by the end of the year." The studio initially revealed its plans for Australian servers in March on the League of Legends forums; however, a timeframe was not provided at the time.

While Gozzo confirmed that the company has nailed down a local hosting provider, he wasn't able to state who, saying, "Sorry, we cannot disclose this but I can assure you we tested intensively and we believe that company we have chosen is the best for our needs."

Gozzo also mentioned that Riot Games' goal for the Oceania region is to develop eSport to a professional level. "This might take some time though as PRO eSport needs to be fostered from the bottom, therefore for the first period we will focus on semi-pro organization development," he wrote.

In February, the developer opened an office in Sydney, Australia to provide support for the growing Australasian League of Legends community. The office largely consists of marketing, eSports and community divisions.

League of Legends launched on October, 2009 for Windows PC.

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