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The Walking Dead '400 Days DLC' listed in Steam database (update: new Vine teaser)

Telltale Games' award-winning episodic video game The Walking Dead may be getting downloadable content titled "400 Days," according to an update to the title spotted on Steam's database.

An update for the game lists an encrypted "Walking Dead 400 Days DLC" component underneath entries for both The Walking Dead on Windows PC and Mac. "Walking Dead 400 Days DLC" is also mentioned in the game's section history on the database.

Telltale posted three short clips on Vine this past week, teasing The Walking Dead content. The first, titled "Day 2," displays scraps of official documents and photographs of three characters with the focus on one snapshot tagged Vince. The second, called "Day 200," features a photo of a woman named Bonnie, along with a scrap of paper with "Georgia," hinting that the upcoming installment may have ties with the setting of the last game. The third Vine, titled "Day 184," depicts a young man's graduation photo marked as Russel. At the end, a cut off "40" glares briefly.

Polygon reported earlier this week that Telltale Games' exhibitor page on the official E3 website, lists The Walking Dead Season 1 DLC along with the company's already announced project called The Wolf Among Us. The Walking Dead Season 1 DLC entry has since been removed from the official E3 website, although the URL remains.

The Walking Dead featured five episodes, which were released between April and November, 2012. The Walking Dead writer Gary Whitta mentioned in February that fans "won't have to wait for season two to play more Walking Dead" and "There may very well be more Walking Dead from Telltale before season two."

Update: A fourth teaser clip has been posted to Vine, ending with a brightly-lit "00." This could be part of the number "400," lining up with the alleged 400 Days title. A previous clip also included a clear shot of the number "40" in the same bright lettering.

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