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Killer is Dead trailer is a montage of blood-fountains, swords and blondes

The latest trailer for Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming title Killer is Dead showcases a montage of blood-fountains, swords and hard liquor.

Set to Frédéric Chopin's Étude Op. 10 No. 3 in E major, the Killer is Dead video reveals snippets of story, villains and flash frames of characters names. And their deaths. Tokio, Victor, Giant Head, Damon and Hamada-Yama; they are all dead, according to the trailer.

The second half of the video then showcases Killer is Dead's past-paced, sword wielding combat. It also gives a taste of the game's special moves, decapitating finishing kills and hulking creatures.

Watch the last Killer is Dead trailer that reveals the game's Gigolo Missions and more hack-and-slash combat. Killer is Dead will be released in Japan this summer for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will be published in America and Europe by XSeed and Deep Silver, respectively, at an unannounced date.

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