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300 Heroes is a League of Legends clone featuring Shrek and Wall-E

China-based MOBA 300 Heroes appears to be a League of Legends clone that infringes on the copyright of the popular eSports title, in addition to films Shrek, Wall-E and television series Naruto.

As reported by YouTube commentator CrusaderCast, the multiplayer game features numerous League of Legends champions re-skinned using copyrighted characters. These include a Shrek look-alike called "Green Ogre" that wears and Zorro mask and shoots out a donkey as a projectile, the entire cast of One Piece and Naruto, Wall-E and a monkey character that throws Angry Birds as an attack ability. Strangely, the title also features Plants vs. Zombies art as the background of its game lobby.

300 Heroes is currently only available in China. Polygon has contacted the makers of the game for comment and will update the post when further information is available.

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