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Xbox One controller was the result of 200 prototypes and 20 studies

The Xbox One controller is the result of 200 prototypes based on an analysis of the previous Xbox 360 controller and 20 research studies conducted using over 500 participants, with the results of this research now detailed on Xbox Wire.

The new controller features four vibration motors that are placed behind each trigger and in each grip. Developer Turn 10 Studios plans to make use of this in the upcoming Forza Motorsport 5 to provide players with feedback if tires break traction from over-accelerating, while chassis rumble will convey impacts and surface irregularities such as cobblestone.

The Xbox One controller will also see an improved data transfer rate between the controller and console that will allow for higher fidelity audio between headsets for chat over Xbox live.

A new D-pad, revamped thumbsticks and new button placement are also part of the new design. Thumbsticks are now smaller and outline with texture for grip support, requiring 25 percent less force to move. The controller also features technical innovations to reduce the thumbstick deadzone in the center. The D-pad is replaced by one that pays homage to classic game controllers and will deliver more precise feedback and provide more accurate direction input.

Using invisible reflective technology and LEDs, Kinect will be able to associate the controller with the user holding it to make player switching simpler. The controller will also enter a low power state to conserve battery if left alone, and is instantly ready for use without needing to resynch once picked up again.

Finally, the Xbox One controller is designed with angled triggers and bumpers to more naturally fit your fingers, while an internal battery cavity for AA batteries is built into the interior of the controller to allow for more room at the bottom to grip.

The Xbox One was unveiled last month in an event held by Microsoft on its Redmond Campus.

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