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GamePop microconsole will let you play iOS games on your TV

BlueStacks will add iOS and iPad Apps to the subscription service attached to its GamePop Android-operated microconsole, which allows you to play them on your TV, the mobile company announced today.

These iOS apps will be powered by Looking Glass, a technology that translates mobile games for play on televisions. BlueStacks also shared that Fieldrunners developer Subatomic Studios is one of first studios to sign on for its games to be available on GamePop.

"The ability to bring iOS games to TV is unprecedented," said Subatomic CEO Jamie Gotch in a press statement. "At the same time, this is a natural evolution. Mobile games are providing richer graphics and gameplay and heading towards the living room fast."

"There will always be popular titles that are iOS-only, like Clash of Clans," said BlueStacks CTO Suman Saraf. "Looking Glass enables these titles to be brought into the living room. Some of the retina iPad games for example look spectacular on TV."

"There is a lot of pull in the marketplace for upselling mobile gaming to TV," added Apu Kumar, BlueStacks' senior vice president of global sales and business development. "We're talking with everyone from TV manufacturers to cable companies to carriers."

The GamePop console and its dedicated controller, announced earlier this spring, will cost $129 and is slated to launch this winter. BlueStacks will offer a $6.99 per month subscription granting users unlimited access to more than 500 free and paid titles.

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