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Thief trailer reminds us that stealing is Garrett's way of life

In the E3 2013 trailer for Thief, released today by publisher Square Enix, Garrett, the series' protagonist, explains his one-track mind when it comes to larceny.

"Stealing is my way of life; it sets me free in the night," says Garrett in the trailer, which contains no gameplay footage. "Every rivet and stitch lets me find what I desire. The cloth that hides me, the tools that arm me, all lead to that priceless moment."

Garrett's skills and equipment, he points out, also allow him to escape just when you think you've got him in your grasp.

Thief, a reboot of the long-running stealth franchise, is in development at Eidos Montreal and set for release in 2014 on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Polygon reported in April that problems at the studio were impeding the game's progress. You can check out our preview of the title from the 2013 Game Developers Conference here.

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