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Nosgoth is the next Legacy of Kain game, won't be a 'traditional' series entry

The next Legacy of Kain game is currently in development, though it won't be the same as "traditional" entries in the franchise, Square Enix community manager George Kelion confirmed to VG247.

The game, currently known as Nosgoth, is set in the same universe as previous Legacy of Kain games but "on a different branch of the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver series."

"Nosgoth exists and is in active development, but is not a traditional Legacy of Kain action-adventure game," said Kelion. "The community should not be thinking of Nosgoth in terms of a single-player experience."

Kelion said the game will not be announced at E3, and Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics is not involved with the project.

"We don't want people to get the wrong idea about Nosgoth following the AMD and Steam leaks ahead of its future official announcement," he said. "Nosgoth is not being developed by Crystal Dynamics. Crystal Dynamics are not working on a Legacy of Kain game."

Kelion explained Square Enix decided to share this information on Nosgoth early because it "felt weird" to have "a bunch of info out there" following the game's appearance last month in the Steam database, as well as in a listing on a composer's LinkedIn profile and the patch logs of an AMD driver. Kelion said there would be an official announcement for Nosgoth "in due course."

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