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Neverwinter receives huge balance update, bug fixes and more

Neverwinter, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World's free-to-play action MMO, received a sizable update yesterday affecting nearly every part of the game, from class balance tweaks to major bug fixes.

The patch includes changes to powers and stat boosts for all five of the game's classes, changing the respective potency of most of the powers in the game and tweaking the benefits granted by unlockable feats. Lower-level Companions will now be able to deal greater damage to higher-level foes, making it easier to train new Companions closer to the endgame. There are more general tweaks, as well, such as a graphical improvement for the Protector's Enclave, the central city in which most player interaction takes place.

Check out the full, long list for all the tweaks coming to the game. The update is up on a recently launched server shard titled NeverwinterPreview, where it will be thoroughly tested before launching on the game's other shards. Neverwinter is currently in open beta, and will fully launch June 20.

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