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Zelda stop-motion video pits a Hylian hero against formidable foes

John Huang, an amateur filmmaker with a fondness for stop-motion animation, released a video this week called "Zelda Stop Motion Stage 1: The Knife Lord," that pits Hyrule's hooded hero against some unusual foes.

Check out the video above to see Link slice, kick and employ some unique magic to overcome his adversaries as Huang weaves in sounds from Nintendo's adventure game series as well as audible Easter eggs like Metal Gear Solid's alert sound.

Huang, who calls his studio Counter656 Productions, works in the machinery export business in Taiwan and is a part-time university teacher. You can learn more about his other work, including stop-motion tributes to Dragon Ball Z and Gundam, at the official Counter656 Productions website, where you can even vote on what his next short film will be.

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