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Suda 51 welcomes you to his interview pad in video form

Quirky auteur game designer Goichi Suda, better known by his nickname Suda 51, has released a video showing viewers around the room where he had been speaking with the media about his upcoming game Killer is Dead.

"We had about 30 appointments in total," says Suda, pointing to the cutout of protagonist Mondo Zappa standing behind him. "I found out today during one of the interviews that he is Italian. He is an Italian guy."

As a gracious host, Suda says he served media coffee and water, and found that they liked Japanese snacks like Pocky and Hi-Chew. The Diet Coke, however, wasn't nearly as popular.

A new Killer is Dead trailer released earlier this morning. The game will hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this summer in Japan, and the West at an as-yet-unannounced date.

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