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Second-generation Moga Power Series mobile device controllers coming this fall

Peripheral manufacturer PowerA will deliver second-generation versions of its Moga controllers for mobile devices this fall, the company announced today.

PowerA will produce new versions of its existing Moga and Moga Pro controllers. This year's devices are known as the Moga Power Series, and will include technology called Moga Boost that allows them to charge the mobile device on which the game is running.

According to PowerA, the Moga Power Series controllers also support same-screen multiplayer gaming, and feature a refined design with improved ergonomics and Bluetooth radios along with an arm that will secure the mobile device to the unit. In particular, the smaller non-"Pro" controller has been "completely redesigned," and now resembles its Pro counterpart more closely, with analog sticks that click in and shoulder buttons.

Both controllers are compatible with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and up, as well as Windows Phone 8. For more on Moga, check out our interview with a Moga representative from the 2013 Game Developers Conference. You can check out images of both controllers in the gallery below.

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