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Sonic: Lost World gameplay footage shows off three very different levels

Sonic Team is trying to mix up both the level themes and gameplay of Sonic: Lost World, the upcoming Nintendo-exclusive title from Sega, according to the gameplay footage above courtesy of IGN.

The video includes segments from three different levels: Windy Hill, Desert Ruins 1 and Desert Ruins 2. Each offers a completely different theme — Windy Hill evokes the classic Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, while the first Desert Ruins stage is a sweets-filled level that brings to mind the Sugar Rush game within the film Wreck-It Ralph.

Lost World's mix of cylindrical and spherical 3D sections with more traditional side-scrolling segments resembles Nintendo's Mario Galaxy games. Sonic is also doing different things in each of the three levels: sometimes he's dashing ahead through a tunnel; sometimes he's running along a Twizzler; and sometimes he's bouncing on a cloud.

Sonic: Lost World is in development on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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