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Malicious Rebirth on Vita confirmed for US and Europe

Sony has confirmed that Vita boss combat action game Malicious Rebirth will be released in the U.S. and Europe in 2013.

Malicious Rebirth is an extended version of PSN game Malicious, released by Japanese company Alvion in 2010. The Vita version has been available in Japan since last year. First reports that the game would be localized for the West emerged in March via Twitter.

The game drops the player into 3D combat arenas with a series of bosses, who are looted upon defeat for combat skills. Posting on PlayStation Blog, SCEA associate producer Dais Kawaguchi explained, "In Malicious Rebirth, there are more levels, bosses and powers to acquire than in the original PS3 version."

Sony says the game will utilize twin stick and touch-screen controls. No specific release date as yet although more details are promised in the weeks ahead.

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