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EA on Wii U and last-gen console support

Electronic Arts hasn't completely written off the Wii U, but there won't be any games coming from them for the Nintendo console this fall, EA president of labels Frank Gibeau told Polygon.

"We have a good partnership with Nintendo," he said. "We released four games on the platform over the last year and we're pretty proud of Need For Speed, and Madden, and FIFA and Mass Effect. We have guys that our looking at the Wii U in the studio system right now as an opportunity for the future, but we have no publicly announced Wii U games that we're going to release this fall."

Gibeau added that the developer and publisher does consider the Wii U a generation four console, the generation that includes both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. But when asked why the publisher doesn't have any titles in development for the system, Gibeau said that there's "no more context for me to add."

"We're really excited about the Xbox One and the PS4 and that's a pretty big endeavor in and of itself," he said. "We have four titles out on the Wii U that are active right now, so looking at how things unfold, that's where our focus is right now."

Gibeau also talked about the company's planned support for what, as of this coming holiday, will become last gen consoles: The PS3 and Xbox 360.

"Gen 3 is an awesome platform," he said. "It has a huge audience and has a lot of capability and we're going to continue to publish games on gen 3 for as long as there is an audience there. We have a tendency as a company to support the last-gen platforms for many many years. I can tell you we have products planned for next year, the year after that and the year after that for gen 3 for sure."