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Full Bore: a curious digging puzzler

Full Bore's curiosity

Wholehog Games' upcoming block puzzler featuring a digging boar, Full Bore, is all about encouraging players to be curious, according to lead programmer Casey Carlin.

Playing as Frederick, a little boar who has been tasked with recovering gems that have been stolen from the ailing Full Bore Mining Company, players dig through more than a hundred areas to excavate new mine shafts in the search for gemstones and ancient machines. The game's many areas have been carefully crafted to reward curiosity — players will have to experiment to see what surfaces they can dig through, which walls can be smashed to cause dirt ceilings to collapse and which objects can be moved to block areas or be used as platforms.

"We want to make the player feel smart."

"The three of us [Casey Carlin, Finnian Beazlie and Jake Federico] looked at a lot of big, modern games that are like six games in one, and all of them are OK — but we want to make one game and have that one game focus on specific things," Carlin told Polygon. "So one of the things Full Bore is about is curiosity. The other is we want to make the player feel smart. So those are our two objectives."

The game is an open world where players can travel back and forth through areas using teleportation portals. At the time of writing more than 100 areas, which range from expansive levels to single-screen annexes, have been created, with the development team aiming to have more than 150 areas by the time Full Bore releases. The focus is on puzzle-solving and exploration. There's no conflict or confrontations, which means players have the opportunity to play the game at their own pace and think about the solutions to the puzzles.

Full Bore is currently in development for Windows PC. Pre-orders are now available for $10 and the game is up for voting on Steam Greenlight.

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