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Redbox opens forum to discuss next-gen used games policies

Media rental service Redbox launched a website encouraging users to discuss Sony and Microsoft's next-gen used games policies. The site appeared just days after Microsoft announced game rentals would not be supported by the Xbox One.

Late last week, Microsoft stated publishers will get to decide whether or not their games can be resold or traded and that the Xbox One will not play rented games at launch, though the company is "exploring possibilities." As a first-party publisher, Microsoft will not charge publishers, retailers or consumers fees to play used games, but individual third-party publishers will make these decisions for their own titles.

"The future of video games is being decided this week, as amazing new game consoles are beginning to be unveiled," reads the site. "Industry experts are talking right now about the potential features and benefits of these new consoles.

"Have you heard about what's coming? Reports say that Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 might have enhanced graphics, enhanced motion control, cloud-based storage, new games and experiences. But you might not be able to play without an Internet connection, lend games freely, buy used games or rent games."

The site also includes links to coverage for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The comments already racked up more than 3,900 posts debating the issue and answering the websites call to discuss "what excites you about the future of gaming... and what concerns you."

When reached for comment on Friday, Redbox and game rental services GameFly declined to comment on Microsoft's used games policy and how it may affect the company.

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