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DayZ devs to open in-game radio station submissions in two weeks

In two weeks, the developers of the Dayz standalone will be taking submissions for in-game radio station content, according to the game's creator Dean Hall.

"DayZ Notice: In 2wks will be taking applications for DayZ streaming radio stations. Will receive radio freq that players can tune ingame," Hall tweeted. "DayZ streaming radio stations need to be established, i.e. website. Will need to provide sample radio content. 'in character' stations only."

Interested parties are asked to send in an audio track, submission details will be provided at a future date. The selected radio stations will be broadcasted game-wide and, according Hall, the radio can be played in-game through an in-game radio.

Hall is expected to evaluate the release of DayZ's alpha in June and will launch at sometime afterward. For more information about DayZ and its creator, please read our interviews with Hall where he discusses the rewards and risks of an open development process and his recent scaling of Mount Everest.

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