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Earthbound Zero localized and housed in this pretty fan-made NES cart

Rose Colored Gaming has given Earthbound Zero a fresh coat of paint, encapsulating the game in a reproduced NES cart made of rosy red plastic and featuring customized cover art.

The cart features an English-translated ROM of 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System role-playing game Mother — known as Earthbound Zero in the west, where it never saw official release and exists only as fan-translated versions, such as the one above. The version included in the cart uses the original Japanese gameplay mechanics, which Rose Colored Gaming notes makes it "harder than the U.S. version that we never had, but were supposed to get."

The game's sequel, Mother 2, launched in the west as Earthbound in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The title is slated to launch on the Wii U Virtual Console later this year.

Rose Colored Gaming notes that the Earthbound Zero cart is up for sale, though it is currently out of stock. The cart will be restocked and available soon on the organization's online store.

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