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The Secret World: Issue 7 trailer contains a room of terrifying murderous dolls

Funcom has released a new video for "A Dream to Kill," the latest major content update for its modern fantasy MMORPG The Secret World.

Set to the tune of children singing an eerie tune, the video starts focused on a chalkboard. The camera slowly pans back to reveal a room filled with little dolls all sitting around a corpse with a cleaver embedded in its skull.

In a letter posted on The Secret World's official site, game director Joel Bylos described Issue 7 as a content update that would "offer many new missions and hours of action filled content, but most importantly it will reveal hidden secrets and uncover new and crucial story elements." In the update, players will "witness the Orochi’s terrible experiments in Transylvania gone horribly wrong, but [they] will also discover even darker forces — threatening the life of Gaia herself!"

"A Dream to Kill" releases on July 8.

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