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NotGames Fest accepting submissions until July 8

Notgames Fest 2 now accepting submissions

The second NotGames Fest — a cultural festival of digital entertainment that rejects the traditional structure of video games — is accepting game submissions from now until July 8.

The festival was originally founded by the Cologne Game Lab in collaboration with Bientôt L'été and The Path developer Tale of Tales to challenge what games can be. Using the "Not A Manifesto" document written by Tale of Tales' Michaël Samyn, developers are invited to take part in the design challenge of creating "unique things" with the video game medium.

"One of the motivations for the NotGames thought is the desire to explore the potential of video games as a medium," the document reads. "Video games are software. Software can be anything. There is no need for software to be games. There is no need for video games to be games. Especially not if the games structure may be holding us back, may be limiting the potential of the medium."

The festival will be co-curated by the Cologne Game Lab, Tale of Tales and Simon Bachelier of indie collective One Life Remains. Games that are chosen will be exhibited at the Cologne Game Lab in Germany from August 19-23, with the exhibition tying in with social events like an expo-playground where developers can show their work-in-progress to the public.

Past exhibitors in the NotGames Fest include Dear Esther (The Chinese Room), Trauma (Krystian Majewski), Flight of the Fireflies (Jonathan Hise Kaldma), Amnesia (Frictional Games) and more. Details on the first festival can be viewed here. Games can be submitted here.

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