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Firefall receives live-action treatment, coincides with open beta launch

Developer Red 5 Studios released a five-minute live-action story trailer to coincide with the open beta launch of its massively multiplayer free-to-play shooter, Firefall.

To celebrate the launch, Red 5 Studios is also hosting a new Firefall Fest from July 9-10, which includes Twitch streams of the new content, as well as giveaways for in-game items and real-world prizes from AMD and Razer.

In March, Firefall received a second update to its progression system to address difficulty and limitation problems. The adjustments removed requirements that players had to level specific battleframes to unlock more powerful abilities. In addition, battleframes were granted progression trees that split into three different tracts for Power, Mass and Cores.

Be sure to watch Firefall's last trailer that showed off Blackwater Anomaly, the game's first story-based episode, which will be released during Firefall's open beta. For more about Firefall and Red 5 Studios, don't miss our recent feature where we find out how the writer of Spec Ops: The Line and a few 38 Studios vets plan to reinvent the MMO experience.

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