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Top-hat wearing mechanical fish invades Skyrim thanks to this mod

Modder "Senor Pato" has created a new option for players of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim looking for a more interesting travel buddy: a mod that swaps out players' companion with a half-mechanical fish wearing a top hat.

Mr. Unicorn the Cyborg Gentleman Fish is a fish strapped to four mechanical legs. According to his official description on popular mod site Nexus Mods, Mr. Unicorn can carry items, fight enemies and can be generally used as players would a normal human companion. He lives in the Solitude docks area and does not effect stealth. He uses his metal legs to attack enemies, but does not use magic.

The only thing missing from this unique companion is voice acting — your new companion will creep along beside you in total, top hat-accentuated silence.

The video below made by modder "Saiodin" shows the fishy companion in action. Skyrim players on PC can grab Mr. Unicorn the Cyborg Gentleman Fish here.

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