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Classic adventure-game sleuth Tex Murphy returns with a new trailer

Big Finish Games has released its first trailer for Tesla Effect, the first game starring hardboiled post-apocalyptic-future detective Tex Murphy in fifteen years.

The trailer features a conversation between Tex and another character about the true victor of the archangel Lucifer's mythological rebellion, citing the hellish post-WWIII environment as evidence that perhaps Heaven hadn't actually won. Guns blaze, a planet explodes and all of it has some relation to famed inventor Nikola Tesla.

Tesla Effect was originally revealed as Project Fedora, a Kickstarter to bring the classic adventure-game protagonist back for a new journey. It was successful, asking for $450,000 worth of funding and raising almost $600,000.

The change in name was announced today, which is Tesla's birthday.

Tesla Effect is planned for a Windows PC release later this year.