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Check out Aaru's Awakening's '100% hand-drawn' platforming

Aaru's Awakening, a hand-drawn 2D platformer from Reykjavík, Iceland-based Lumenox Games, is headed to Linux, Mac and Windows PC this fall, with an alpha for download now.

"The game is 100% hand-drawn and has a dreamy artistic feel, and uses a combination of charging and teleporting," marketing director Johann Gudjonsson told Polygon via email.

Check out the trailer above from earlier this year to see the game's unique style in motion and learn the lore that underlies Aaru's Awakening. You'll also see how the developer designed the game for mouse and keyboard control, the finesse required for the charge and teleporting moves — and the importance of combining the two while battling the game's scaling difficulty.

Interested players can download an alpha version of Aaru's Awakening for Mac and Windows PC at the game's official website.

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