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Minimalist RTS Rymdkapsel coming to iOS and Android

Grapefrukt Games' minimalist real-time strategy game, Rymdkapsel, will launch on iOS and Android devices on July 25 for $3.99. The already released PlayStation Mobile version will have its price cut to match.

In Rymdkapsel, players are tasked with constructing a space station while defending themselves from enemies who swarm according to the players success and station size. According to developer Martin Jonasson, his goal was to create a game with "all the fun parts of an RTS but none of the fiddly, stressful bits." The game's minimalist aesthetic was a result of Jonasson finding that the more he removed from the game, the better it became.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, Grapefrukt Games released a new gameplay video which can be viewed above. Rymdkapsel first launched for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile devices in May for $4.99. It is currently available in the PlayStation Mobile section of the PlayStation Store for Vita. The Rymdkapsel soundtrack, created by musician Salkinitzor, is now available for download from the artist's Bandcamp page.

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