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Guns of Icarus Online introduces new attack ship, mine launcher and more

Update 1.3 for airship combat title, Guns of Icarus Online, features a new advanced attack ship named The Mobula, a Phobos Mine Launcher, party creation and more, developer Muse Games announced.

"The Mobula puts the most possible firepower in one direction, with 5 front facing guns and nothing anywhere else," the announcement states. "Due to the layout of the ship repairs will be difficult while in mid-combat, making the Mobula one of the highest risk and reward ship to fly. Meanwhile, the Phobos Mine Launcher will add a new level of depth to play.

"Up to 5 mines can be shot into the sky, deploying after 3 seconds with a balloon. Any ship passing nearby will have it detonated for massive damage... and yes, the balloon can be shot causing the mine to fall onto a hapless victim. Beware though, these mines can't tell friend from foe."

New progression achievements, costumes, bundles and a new UI were also added. Players now have the ability to pre-form crews and create parties before entering matches. Full patch notes can be viewed here.

In April, Muse Games successfully raised funds for the game's Adventure Mode via Kickstarter. The mode is currently slated for release in June 2014 for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Skirmish Mode for Guns of Icarus Online was successfully funded last February and launched on Steam in October. The game is currently available on Steam for $19.99.