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Crytek and Oddworld Inhabitants studio heads join the list of speakers at DICE Europe

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli and co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants Lorne Lanning have joined the list of current speakers scheduled to attend this year's DICE Europe conference, The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences announced today.

Yerli is slated to address the changing technology of video games and the convergence in techniques used in the games industry and in blockbuster films, in particular the growing attempt to evoke emotions in-game through acting and performance capture.

Oddworld Inhabitants head Lorne Lanning will speak on "properties for the apocalypse," a look at the studio's design ambitions, experiments in reaching out to a disillusioned audience and why it is a blessing that retail is dying, among other topics.

The two studio heads join Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi, 22cans founder Peter Molynew, EA's chief creative director Richard Hilleman and NaturalMotion founder Torsten Reil.

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