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Create your own browser-based Adventure Time game

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Fans of Adventure Time can now create their own web-based video game using elements from the cartoon with the Adventure Time Game Creator, developed by mobile and social studio Yamago and posted to Cartoon Network's official website.

Players can build their own free-to-play games in the browser-based game creator, creating and assigning special powers to protagonists Finn and Jake and setting them on their won tailor-made perilous quests. The program lets users place a number of different obstacles in the heroes' way, tweak the environment and choose which power-ups are available. Players can design each level to their own specifications and decide which enemies Finn and Jake will have to take down.

All games created with the Adventure Time Game Creator can be shared in the website's online gallery and are playable to all site visitors. Cartoon Network also notes that throughout the month, more characters from the show will be added as playable heroes.

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