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Report: Valve looking into UK office, expansion of European studio

Valve is currently looking into opening a U.K.-based office, just one year after establishing its European studio in Luxembourg, reports Develop.

According to the report, Valve is "sounding out the U.K. development scene" during the Develop in Brighton conference this week and is researching the "viability" of housing a studio in the region.

The company's small European branch in Luxembourg is currently focused on the Steam platform and working with developers for the service. Currently the studio houses five staff members, but according to Develop, if the studio is successful it may eventually be built up to a full development team.

The report also states that Valve staff said Luxembourg was the "ideal" place to set up its European studio due to its location in central Europe, which makes it easily accessible to developers form all over region.

Polygon has reached out to Valve for more details on a possible U.K. studio and will share more details as we have them.

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