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Tidy up a space marine's mess with Viscera Cleanup Detail

A game about a janitor

Independent developer RuneStorm recently released the alpha version of Viscera Cleanup Detail: the space-station janitor simulator, which is a first-person cleanup game where players must mop up the mess and guts from an alien invasion.

Developed during an internal 10-day game jam, the first-person sandbox game is designed for Windows PC and its alpha is now available to download for free. Players take on the role of a janitor at a space-station, who must cleanup the gorey result of a battle between humans and aliens. Using a mouse and keyboard, players perform functions like fetching water buckets, mopping up blood spatters, picking up limbs and guts and putting them into biowaste buckets and picking up bullet fragments. It's tiring but rewarding work.

The game is still in an early alpha prototype. It is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight.

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