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Batman joins the Infinite Crisis roster with a gameplay overview video

A new video from Turbine shows how the DC Universe's iconic Dark Knight will play in its upcoming Infinite Crisis MOBA.

Batman is a melee brawler champion who goes fist-to-fist with his opponents, and who uses constantly-regenerating energy as a resource. His passive ability grants him added defenses and heals him while he's in a stealth field, and he can throw a Batarang at an enemy, doing damage and applying a mark that causes his regular attacks to stun for a short period of time and restore his energy.

Batman can leap to an enemy with his Martial Arts skill and strike multiple times, each of which counts as an attack for triggering the Batarang mark. His Cape Sweep ability does damage in an area and slows enemies' movement and attack speed, and his ultimate is The Dark Knight, which creates a smokescreen in an area that blocks vision both inside and outside the boundary. Batman gains energy, movement speed and attack speed while in the smokescreen, and the heal from his passive is triggered.

Infinite Crisis is expected to release some time this year for Windows PC.

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