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God of War: Ascension's 1v1 Bout of Honor mode now available

God of War: Ascension's player-vs-player Bout of Honor mode is now available for free and features four new maps, according to the official PlayStation God of War site.

Developed by Sony Santa Monica, Bout of Honor pits two players against each other in a best of seven rounds competition. The Bout of Honor mode disables relics and lets a Champion's Magic to regenerate slowly over time. Be sure to check out what Bout of Honor has to offer in the video below.

The four new Bout of Honor maps are:

  • Canyons of Kirra
  • Chamber of the Flame
  • Landing at Delos
  • Streets of Sparta

Players also have a chance of receiving a code for the “Mark of the Gods” Pack to download when it is released via XMB on PlayStation Network next week. To do so, gamers must play the Bout of Honor mode and post constructive feedback on this thread, beginning now until July 12.

In addition to Bout of Honors release, a new four-player map called "The Whirlpool of Alecto," based from a section of God of War: Ascension's single player campaign, is also available now for free. The map features a leviathan "whose sole purpose is to unleash Alecto's fury in the form of physical pain onto any unsuspecting warrior careless enough to venture into its domain."

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